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Timeless Truths 2.0 – Our Greatest Treasure

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Our children are our greatest treasure. They are the builders of tomorrow’s brave New World. They are the seeds of humanity.

Let us invest in them. Let us take care of them. Let us love them for love can work wonders. Let us give them the freedom to grow. Let us not impose our views on them. It is only they who can regenerate humanity.

We live in a world of moral turpitude, because people are only aware of their rights, and not of their duties. Education today has become soul-less. Values of character should form the foundation of our educational system – and serve as the guiding principles of all ‘professionals’.

The literal meaning of the word ‘character’ is carving, engraving. Character is that which is to be engraved in the plastic mind of the child. New education must sow within the child seeds of simplicity, and service, of purity and prayer.

Education is essentially an atmosphere. Within the child are creative forces which need to be developed. Every child is unique and has a specific role to play in the great cosmic plan. It is the mother in the house and the teacher in the school who has to awaken this creativity. They have to equip the students to cope adequately with what lies ahead of them so that they may become worthy participants in the adventure of life.

Today education teaches all the branches of knowledge but none of the roots. The root of education is reverence and the fruit of education is service. We need a new education which may offer the students an integral training of the head, the hand, and the heart; and a proper discipline of willpower and the emotions for the education is not only the imparting knowledge, but awakening of human qualities.

                            If India stands true to her ancient ideals in education,

                         she will enrich once more the world’s life.

                                                                             – J. P. Vaswani


It is education that will bring about a renaissance of the world!

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Timeless Truths - Make God Real

Make God Real

We talk of God, we read and write about God, yet God is not a reality to many of us. Make God real to yourself. Feel His presence every moment of your life.

He is the nearest of the near. Closer is he to us than our breathing, nearer than hands and feet. He is available 24 hours of the day and night. The tiniest whisper is audible to His ears for He is within every heart.

Develop a link of love with Him — any relationship that you wish, that of a father, a mother, a brother, a friend, even your beloved. Make Him the central presence of your life. Depend on Him for all your needs, great and small.

He is the one who will satisfy all your needs. Turn to him again and again. His open arms are always ready to receive you.

When your bond with Him is strong, you will realise that God is your helper, your protector, your guardian, your guide. I think of myself as a child sitting in the lap of my Mother Divine. I turn to her again and again and she has never failed me.

Make it a habit to go to Him as you would go to a friend sharing the incidents of your life naturally and spontaneously. Establish more and more points of contact with God. Let the day be full of little prayers to the Lord, little turnings towards Him. Ensure that the circuit between Him and you is never broken. Live and move and do your daily work in His ever-loving presence and you will be filled with an indescribable peace through all the changing vicissitudes of life.

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Tranquil Tuesdays Schedule – April 2018

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