March 16, 2005
Dadaji Visits Pakistan.
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March 17, 2005
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March 13th 2005


March 13, 2005

After the Sunday morning satsang, seeking the blessing of Holy Samadhi, Beloved Dada J.P.Vaswani left for Mumbai by road. It being Sunday, the Express High Way was virtually empty and so it took us less than 2 1/2 hours to reach there. On reaching home, we had a short satsang. In the evening,Dada took a brisk walk at Bandstand, Bandra. Many devotees asked Dada whether he felt excited going to Pakistan after 56 years. To which Beloved Dada answered poetically :
Sindh or Hind, may we ever remember the Lord,
May we be protected in the court of our Beloved,
May He, keep me ever in the service of His Lotus Feet.

Just before Dada began his journey for Pakistan, we took a vachan from the 'Nuri Granth'. It was a wonderful message from the Master :
Those who sleep, are the losers,
Those who are awake, are the winners.

Dada reached the Sahar Airport before the check-in-time. Satsangis in large numbers had gathered to wish Dada Bon Voyage to his Beloved Native Sindh. As usual the crowd was very large, giving the security personnel a tough time. Dada was straight away taken to Gate No. 7 to board the Pakistan Airlines. The flight took 2 & 1/2 hours before it landed at Karachi airport. Strangely enough the Airhostess and the personnel on the flight spoke in Sindhi. On the flight, Dada enjoyed the skyscape above and the landscape from the window of his seat. Dada in his ecstasy recited :
O Sindh, O Sindh,
As i see your rivers, gardens, bulbuls and hills,
The shining sacred shrines of the Holy darveshs,
I cling to Thy feet,
Sindhri, O, Sindhri !

Dada received a warm welcome at Jinnah Airport. Brother Mukesh Chawla, MP, received Dada with great joy and reverence. A little ahead Brother Rajpal and a few devotees welcomed Dada.The moment we crossed the immigration enclosure, Dada was surrounded by public and the media personnel. They all crowded around Dada seeking his blessings. Dr. Salman Shaikh, President of the Sindhi Graduate Association and its General secretary, Ali Husain, welcomed Dada with love and respect. The entire path was strewn with flowers. At that moment of joy and love the vachan from the "Nuri Granth" exclaimed :
The spring has blossomed in my courtyard,
I heard the song of Bulbul and whispering flowers,
Give love to all, give love to all,
To earn the blessings of the holy Name.

Many Sindhis had travelled miles coming from villages and small towns to meet Dada. They pleaded with him to visit their homes. With great difficulty Dada was able to free himself from the loving devotees, as a result we reached home at around 5:00 p.m. After his lunch and siesta, Dada expressed his wish to visit Clifton Beach. Immediately transport was organised and we proceeded towards the Clifton beach. On the way Dada could identify Bunder Road extension, Kharo Dar Mitho Dar & Gadi Khato.Karachi is a big town. The Clifton Beach has also been developed. Dada took a walk on the Clifton Beach. The moon shone in the sky and filled the waves with its silver. The soft breeze caressed us as Dada carried on sweet conversation with us. Dada walked nearly for 50 minutes, covering 3 1/2 miles. Dada reminiscenced about his walks on the Clifton Beach with Sadhu Vaswani. We reached home at 9:30 p.m. Many sisters and brothers had gathered to meet Dada. Dada met everybody lovingly.
We are staying with brother Hundraj Rajpal, on Saddar Road. Dada has been given the whole apartment on the tenth floor with a beautiful view.



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