March 16, 2005
Dadaji Visits Pakistan.
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March 17, 2005
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Dadaji's Pakistan Yatra

17th March, 2005


Dear satsangis, today is a wonderful day. Take a deep breath and join us on our Nuri Yatra. Today is Tuesday 15th March and we left Karachi around 12:15 noon. We did not take the Express Highway as we went to Kinjar and Jhirkan. The road we took was full of potholes, however brother Rajpal was driving Dada's car which was followed by the security van. We passed through a number of small villages. The first important village which we touched,Makli, is known for its large graveyard. Among the thousands of graves is the well known grave of Jamtamachi[Legendary Lover of Nuri].

After a short drive we came upon the ancient historical town of 'Thata'. Thata has many Hindu-Sindhis but Hindus and Muslims live in harmony and peace. This is a backward area. Thato is a town in Laar District, where even now, Sindhi is spoken in its rich form as found in Shah Abdul Latif's 'Rasalo'.

We reached Kinjhar after 2 & 1/2 hours drive. Kinjhar is a beautiful lake. Its waters are dark blue, which looked so lovely with the pale blue sky above. The lake is surrounded by hills and mountains. As we reached the lake, Dada's mood changed as he felt the presence of Sadhu Vaswani. Dada told us about Sadhu Vaswani's visit to Kinjhar lake. Kinjhar lake is 38 sq.miles and the quantity is 0.5 mag. The lake provides water to the city of Karachi.

Dada sat in silence on the bank of the lake for a while. It was afternoon and yet the breeze was cool. Dada rested for a while after taking his lunch. After which we visited the Samadhi of Nuri, which was in the middle of the lake. We got into the motor boats and singing bhajans and kirtan we sailed on the lake. It was quite a distance and the restless waves were splashing against the boat. The turbulant waters rolled into our boats many times scaring us. For a moment we wondered whether we would be able to reach Nuri's Samadhi alive. We made frantic appeals with the songs like "Beri-a vara paar ukar" "Vado tuhinjo pani muhinji beri nimaari". By the grace of Sadhu Vaswani, we reached the Samadhi of Nuri. The climb was difficult and treacherous, but once we reached the top, we forgot all our misgivings. The view from there was breath-taking. A few feet away was Samadhi of Shah Hundro. Dada sought the blessings at both the Samadhis.

Shah Hundro was Nuri's Murshid. Nuri had served Shah Hundro sincerely. It is said that once Nuri fell seriously ill. No amount of medicine had effect on her. She was brought to her Murshid for treatment and low and behold she recovered from her illness immediately. It was Nuri's wish to be buried near her Murshid's grave. That is why Nuri and her Murshid's samadhi are nearby.
We all sang Nuri's songs. Dada in his ecstasy sang a sweet song :

As Dada was singing we felt as though Nuri herself was singing through Dada. Nuri's beauty refelcted through Dada. Her humility shone in Dada. We did not want to return. But the sun was setting and again we had to take the treacherous return journey.

On the return the waves were more restless. The boat was tilting from the right side to the left side. We were completely drenched. In our hearts there was only one hope and prayer "That the Lord is with us and His love is protecting us". Dada was sitting still, without any fear and smiling all the while. Finally we reached on the brink of the Kinjhar lake.

Then at the Guest House we changed our clothes and had ginger tea and continued our forward journey. We went to the Jhirk village. It is at this Jhirk village that Sadhu Vaswani had 'Darshan' of Nuri. So Dada was very eager to visit that village. Dada was welcomed with lot of love and reverence at the Jhirk village. They wanted Dada to stay the night there, but we managed to convince them otherwise. we had to leave soon as the road was lonely and we were advised by the Security personnel (with us) to leave immediately.

Dada poetically told us
"Hath mein kharun tun naam hatiyar
Murshid ji vathu mehir nihar"






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