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A Thought For Every Day Of The Month

Dada J. P. Vaswani

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  1. The past is a cancelled check.
    The future is a promissory note.
    The present is the only cash in hand.
    Use it wisely and well.
  2. Nothing lasts for ever.
    The present moment - of joy or sorrow - will soon pass away!
  3. He lives well who laughs often, loves much, and sacrifices his own happiness for the sake of others!
  4. If we can see it, there is greater joy in sorrow than in all the pleasures of this alluring world.
  5. Death but occurs but once, and that, too, never before its appointed time. Yet the whole world lives in perpetual fear of death.
  6. Teach me O Lord! to observe all the rules of the game of life, never to lose my sense of humor, and always to hold my tongue when it is so difficult to hold it!
  7. It is good to know many things, but it is always better to make good use of whatever little we know.
  8. Do as much good as you can; be as good as can: but never forget the others are always better than you!
  9. Let me give to the world the best of which I am capable, and the best will return to me!
  10. In prayer, let us ask for less, thank more!
    Thank the Lord for His mercies which endure from everlasting to everlasting!
  11. So bless me, God, that I may walk, hand in hand, with you today - all throughout the day! Where you are, evil cannot reach!
  12. If it is to be done,
    Why should it not be done by you ?
    And why should it not be done now ?
  13. The test of character is:-
    1. Do you have the courage to stand up for truth even though the heavens fall ?
    2. Can you smile in trouble ?
    3. Can you say "No" when evil tempts ?
  14. That man is truly great who can show sympathy even to an enemy.
  15. The most amazing fact of love is that the more you love, the more you grow in the power to love!
  16. Time belongs to God.
    He has loaned it to us for use.
    Let us use every minute, - every moment, - in the best way we can.
  17. Both rain and sunshine are needed to make a rainbow. Both joy and sorrow are needed to make a life truly beautiful and colourful.
  18. Friends can forsake and relatives can refuse but there is One who always loves: He is God!
    Build your life in love of God!
  19. If I have made one human being happier, one creature more comfortable, one heart more hopeful, my day has not been wasted!
  20. If there is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see, it is the language of love!
  21. Every week brings to us 10,080 minutes. That is our capital. How shall we use it to get the utmost benefit ?
  22. The senses are awake: the mind is alert.
    Alas! the heart is asleep!
    Awaken the heart, O Lord! It is through the door of the heart that I can draw nigh unto thee!
  23. When you have nothing to do, do not let the mind wander after useless things.
    But close your eyes, shut out the world, bring yourself in God's presence and offer to him brief prayers.
    That is the way of growing beautiful within!
  24. The mind can hold only one thought at a time.
    Let it be a God-thought.
    And you will grow Godlike!
  25. Life has so many hidden woes that you never know when you are touching a tender spot.
    Therefore, let me be gentle, sweet, kind to all!
  26. When a man passes away his life, his life is usually summed up in one sentence - that he was a great man, a good man, or a sarcastic person or one difficult to deal with.
    What will that sentence be about me ?
  27. You cannot eat the cake and still have it. But there is something you can keep even when you have given it away.
    It is a smile.
    Why not be a smile-millionaire ?
  28. How does a river get crooked ?
    By following the path of least resistance.
    So does the nature of man!
  29. The man who is eager to reform himself has no time or inclination to criticise others.
  30. Lord, Thou alone knowst what is good for me. So many things that appear to be good turn out otherwise and vice versa. So let the decision rest with thee!
  31. Let us never forget that the secret of carefree life is :- Walk with God today and trust Him for the morrow!